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Econo-High and its POSITIVE BENEFITS on DVT
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is the formation of blood clots in the veins; usually in the calf or thigh muscles. DVT can partially or completely block the flow of blood, causing chronic pain and swelling, and can also damage valves in the blood vessels, restricting mobility. Blood clots can also break free and travel through the blood stream to major organs such as the heart or lungs. This can result in serious damage and/or death within hours. Many blood clots that cause DVT are small, and generally donít produce any symptoms. A personís body can gradually break down the blood clots with no long-term effects. Larger clots which partially or completely block the flow of blood can cause symptoms such as:

         Swelling in the affected leg

         Pain and tenderness in the affected leg Ė a person may also find it difficult to withstand his or her full body weight, on the affected leg

         Redness or a change in skin color

         Skin can become warm or hot to the touch

A study was conducted on the relationship between DVT and frequent long distance flyers. This study was conducted by Dr. Darius Mozaffarian, whom specializes in cardiology at the Harvard University Medical School.

Findings show, frequent long distance flyers are 3 times more likely to suffer from DVT than the average (non-flying) person. The risk of suffering from DVT occurs in frequent travelers, regardless of the transportation used. Every 2 hours, the risk of DVT increases by 18% for all travelers, and by 26% for frequent flyers.



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